chokarak kolid, 1908-lizbon

oh god, libraries are very dangerous. this is not a guess but a fact.
the smell of the books numbs you.
all these written pieces of shit that consist of the sentences that consist of words that consist of letters just indoctrinate you.
when you are reading, you think that you are learning something.
no, you are totally wrong, dude!
you are just reading, reading and reading.
so, what is the advantage of doing that?
think for a moment.
oh, yes. it's true. you get a dead sleep or a nap, at least a drowse.
that is the point.
have a nice dream (:

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f.p. dedi ki...

bi yerde araya hurly gaçmış dude o da mı lizbom :)

f.p. dedi ki...

have a nice dream
have an ice cream :))